AIT 2023

11th AIT Congress

AIT2023 is the 11th Congress of the Italian Society of Remote Sensing (AIT – Associazione Italiana di Telerilevamento). AIT, since its foundation in 1985, has been the key reference subject for supporting communication and coordination of scientific activities in the field of Earth Observation in Italy.

AIT is aimed at supporting the development and diffusion of Remote Sensing (RS) culture in Italy, fostering its environmental applications and aiming at making closer each other the main scientific, industrial and institutional players.  AIT supports national RS initiatives in Italy longing for their internationalization. AIT organizes events and courses and publishes the European Journal of Remote Sensing in cooperation with Taylors & Francis.

AIT2023 is the place where academy, industry, professionals and institutions, somehow involved in Remote Sensing and Earth Observation (EO), can meet and discuss. For researchers AIT2023 is an important opportunity for presenting their recent advances to a vast and transdisciplinary audience. For the industry is the occasion for showing recent products and services useful for the RS community. Last but not least for professional partners and for decision makers in the field of land/water/urban management, conservation, natural resource management and territorial planning AIT2023 is the key event for presenting their experiences and to update their knowledge in the field of RS and Earth Observation.