AIT2018 – Themes

The themes covered by AIT2018 are all those related to Remote Sensing, proximal sensing and related spatial analysis techniques. More specifically AIT2018 is focused on:


  • RS to support land planning and for the mitigation of environmental risks
  • RS in agriculture, forestry and for natural resource management
  • RS in geology, soil science and for Earth science
  • RS for sea, lakes and coastal environments and more in general for water monitoring
  • Urban RS
  • Extraterrestrial planet monitoring
  • Atmosphere monitoring, climate and metereological applications
  • RS for land use and land cover monitoring
  • RS for defense and security

Sensors & platforms

  • Sensors and platforms development for earth observation
  • Proximal sensing and UAV
  • COPERNICUS and new Sentinel missions


  • Methods and algorithms development for pre-processing and analysis of remotely sensed data from active and passive systems (optical, radar and LiDAR)
  • Image and signal processing
  • Interferometric methods for SAR data elaboration
  • Methods for time series analysis
  • Methods for the extraction and estimation of bio-physical variables
  • Methods for data fusion and for the integration of information from multiple sources
  • Spatial modelling and GIS applications based on RS data
  • Computation intensive systems and “big data” in RS