AIT 2023 – Topics

All topics involving Remote and Proximal Sensing, Spatial analysis and modeling will be considered. More specifically AIT2023 will be  focused on:


  • RS and the Next Generation EU investments (PNRR in ITaly)
  • RS to support land planning and mitigation of environmental risks
  • RS for agriculture, forestry and natural resource management
  • RS for geology, soil and Earth sciences
  • RS for water monitoring (oceans, lakes and coastal environments)
  • Urban RS
  • Atmosphere monitoring, climatic and meteorological applications
  • RS for land use/land cover mapping
  • RS for defense and security
  • ●       Extraterrestrial planet monitoring

Sensors & Platforms

  • New sensors and platforms for Earth Observation
  • Proximal sensing and RPAS
  • ●       COPERNICUS
  • ●       IRIDE
  • ●       Hyperspectral Remote Sensing
  • ●       Active Remote Sensing – SAR, LiDAR, ….

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