RIT n 41 (3), 2009



COSMO-SkyMed Mission: a set of X-band SAR Applications conducted during 2008
Fabrizio Battazza, Achille Ciappa, Alessandro Coletta, Fabio Covello, Gemma Manoni, Luca Pietranera and Giovanni Valentini

Estimation of tropospheric profiles using COSMIC GPS radio occultation data with neural networks
Fabrizio Pelliccia, Stefania Bonafoni, Patrizia Basili, Roberta Anniballe, Nazzareno Pierdicca and Piero Ciotti

Observing precipitation by means of water vapor absorption lines: a first check of the retrieval capabilities of the 183-WSL rain retrieval method
Sante Laviola and Vincenzo Levizzani

Analysis of spatial and temporal properties of rain cells for rainfall modeling purposes
Carlo Capsoni and Lorenzo Luini

Ground-based millimeter and submillimeter-wave radiometry for the observation of the Arctic atmosphere
Domenico Cimini, Francesco Nasir, Fernando Consalvi and Ed Westwater

Characterization of atmospheric precipitation effects on spaceborne synthetic aperture radar response at X, Ku, Ka band
Frank Silvio Marzano, Saverio Mori, Nazzareno Pierdicca, Luca Pulvirenti and James A. Weinman

Modeling backscattering variations due to flooding over vegetated surfaces
Stefano Caizzone, Paolo Ferrazzoli, Leila Guerriero and Nazzareno Pierdicca

A Study For Microwave Imaging Missions
Michelangelo L’Abbate, Domenico Oricchio and Silvio Varchetta

The Italian ROSA receiver: prototype Ground Segment for the data processing through Grid Computing techniques
Olivier Terzo, Lorenzo Mossucca, Giovanni Perona, Maurizio Molinaro, Riccardo Notarpietro,Manuela Cucca, Daniele Paris and Fabio Lazzara

An automatic procedure to retrieve the windfields from SAR Images
Stefano Zecchetto and Paolo Trivero