RIT n 42 (1), 2010

Optimal spectral band configuration for forest land-cover classification of hy perspectral data: a study for th e Italian-Canadian Joint Hyperspectral Mission
Marco Gianinetto, Francesco Rota Nodari, Pieralberto Maianti, Riccardo Tortini and Giovanmaria Lechi

A multiresolution approach for texture classification in h igh resolution satellite imagery
Daniele Cerra and Mihai Datcu

Introduction to the special issue
Discrimination of wheat crop by using co-polarized ratio derived from ASAR data
Giuseppe Satalino

Soil Moisture and Ocean Salinity ( SM OS) mission: system overview and contribution to vicarious calibration monitoring
Raffaele Crapolicchio, Paolo Ferrazz oli, Marco Meloni, Sabrina Pinori and Rachid Rahmoune

Titan lakes: characterization of physical properties by combined electromagnetic models of SAR and radiometric data
Claudia Notarnicola, Bartolomeo Ventura, Domenico Casarano, Francesco Posa and Micheal Janssen

Cosmo SkyMed: antenna elevation pattern data evaluation
Marco Iorio, Riccardo Mecozzi and Andrea Torre

Analysis of Cosmo-SkyMed observations of the 2008 flood in Myanmar
Luca Pulvirenti, Nazzareno Pierdicca and Marco Chini

Precipitation Now casting from Geostationary Satellite: Neural Approaches Trained By Polar Orbiting and Ground-Based Data
Giancarlo Rivolta, Michele de Rosa and Frank Silvio Marzano

The ROSA Mission of the Italian Space Agency
V leria Catalano, Cristina Ananasso, Loredana Bruca, Vittorio De Cosmo, Luciana Garramone and Francesco Vespe

Remote Sensing of Laye red Media: Perturbative Scattering Models
Pasquale Imperatore, Antonio Iodice and Daniele Riccio

Evolutions in on-board data handling and transmission for Earth Observation satellites
Roberto Sigismondi, Mario Cossu, Michelangelo L ’Abbate, Paolo Venditti and Marco Mappini