RIT n 43 (2), 2011

Editorial of AIT President

Editorial of Editor-In-Chief

Introduction to the special issue

Assessing common reed bed health and management strategies in Lake Garda (Italy) by means of Leaf Area Index measurements
Mariano Bresciani, Claudia Sotgia, Gian Luca Fila, Mauro Musanti and Rossano Bolpagn

Landslide displacement estimation by archival digital photogrammetry
Massimo Fabris, Andrea Menin and Vladimiro Achilli

Contextual information for the classification of high resolution remotely sensed images
Cristina Tarantino, Francesco Paolo Lovergine, Maria Adamo and Guido Pasquariello

Field tests on GNSS and inertial systems for transport fleet monitoring in urban environment
Guido Fastellini, Fabio Radicioni and Aurelio Stoppini

Filtering vegetation from terrestrial point clouds with low-cost near infrared cameras
Mario Alba, Barazzetti Luigi, Fabio Roncoroni and Marco Scaioni

Remote characterization of seafloor adjacent to shipwrecks using mosaicking and analysis of backscatter response
Giuseppe Masetti, Roberto Sacile and Andrea Trucco

Filtering LiDAR with GRASS: overview of the method and comparisons with Terrascan
Maria Antonia Brovelli and Sara Lucca

LiDAR or Photogrammetry? Integration is the answer
Francesco Nex and Fulvio Rinaudo

Earthquake damage assessment based on remote sensing data. The Haiti case study
Andrea Ajmar, Piero Boccccardo and Fabio Giulio Tonolo

Leica ADS40 imagery for disaster management
Vittorio Casella, Marica Franzini, Barbara Padova, Luigi Lingesso, Gianluca Pappani and Giuseppe Gentili

Snow cover monitoring with images from digital camera systems
Rosamaria Salvatori, Paolo Plini, Marco Giusto, Mauro Valt, Roberto Salzano, Mauro Montagnoli, Anselmo Cagnati, Giuseppe Crepaz and Daniele Sigismondi

Analysis of paved areas with field data and MIVIS hyperspectral images
Alessandro Mei, Rosamaria Salvatori and Alessia Allegrini

Object-oriented techniques for the extraction of forest cover from historical panchromatic frames
Daniele Savio