RIT n 44 (1), 2012

Field validation of satellite disturbance maps in Circeo National Park (Latium, Italy): ecological change and plants biodiversity relationships
Gina Galante, Ilaria Strafella, Ilaria Pelliccioni, Stefania Mandrone and Rossana Cotroneo

SIGRI – an Integrated System for Detecting, Monitoring, Characterizing Forest Fires and Assessing damage by LEO-GEO Data
Giovanni Laneve, Enrico Cadau, Fabrizio Ferrucci, Rocco Rongo, Andrea Guarino, Gerardo Fortunato, Barbara Hirn, Concettina Di Bartola, Luigi Iavarone and Rosa Loizzo

Methodologies to identify asbestos-cement roofing by remote data
Massimiliano Basile Giannini, Teresa Creta, Daniela Guglietta, Pasquale Merola and Alessia Allegrini

Introduction to the special issue
Gherardo Chirici and Davide Travaglini

DSM generation from high resolution imagery: applications with WorldView-1 and GeoEye-1
Paola Capaldo, Mattia Crespi, Francesca Fratarcangeli, Andrea Nascetti and Francesca Pieralice

A radargrammetric orientation model and a RPCs generation tool for COSMO-SkyMed and TerraSAR-X High Resolution SAR
Paola Capaldo, Mattia Crespi, Francesca Fratarcangeli, Andrea Nascetti and Francesca Pieralice

CO emission datasets and maps from Remote Sensing: spatial and statistical comparison at different levels
Federica Migliaccio, Daniela Carrion, Cynthia Zambrano and Daniela Stroppiana

Pre-processing of high resolution satellite images for sea bottom classification
Monica Deidda and Giannina Sanna

Monitoring spatial and temporal distribution of Sea Surface Temperature with TIR sensor data
Eufemia Tarantino

Laser Scanner Applications in Forest and Environmental Sciences
Francesco Pirotti, Stefano Grigolato, Emanuele Lingua, Tommaso Sitzia and Paolo Tarolli

Estimating forest timber volume by means of “low-cost” LiDAR data
Fabrizio Clementel, Giacomo Colle, Claudia Farruggia, Antonio Floris, Gianfranco Scrinzi and Chiara Torresan

Rock face surveys using a LiDAR MMS
Mattia De Agostino, Andrea Lingua and Marco Piras

Rapid building damage assessment using EROS B data: the case study of L’Aquila earthquake
Valerio Baiocchi, Donatella Dominici, Francesca Giannone and Maria Zucconi

Integration of satellite and rainfall data for the identification of flood events in developing countries
Andrea Ajmar, Adriana Albanese, Franca Disabato and Filippo Miotto

The ITHACA Early Warning System for drought monitoring: first prototype test for the 2010 Sahel crisis
Francesca Perez, Matteo De Stefano, Franca Disabato and Rossella Vigna