Keynote speakers


We are proud to announce the presence of the following keynote speakers at AIT2018:

  • Paolo Gamba, Università di Pavia: Toward a settlements global archive
  • Phlippe Loudjani, JRC MARS food Unit: Remote sensing in the agriculture domain
  • Bernardo Di Bernardinis, national delegate to the Copernicus European User Forum and coordinator of the Copernicus National User Forum: The Italian space economy
  • Mario Gomarasca, CNR Irea: Copernicus user uptake
  • Fabio Del Frate & Marcello Maranesi, Università Tor Vergata: The European network Fab-Space
  • Michele Munafò, ISPRA: Soil sealing and new perspectives for remote sensing
Titles of the speeches may slightly change. 

AIT2018: the IX Conference of the Italian Society of Remote Sensing


The IX Conference of the Italian Society of Remote Sensing will be held in Florence between the 4th and 6th of July 2018 .

Hosted by the University of Florence, the conference is an important event to stimulate the cooperation between research institutions, remote sensing users and industry.

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AIT2018 is organised by:

in cooperation with:





SBI – Società Botanica Italiana / the Italian Botanical Society
GNRAC – Gruppo Nazionale per la Ricerca sull’Ambiente Costiero / National Research Group on Coastal Environment

CETEM – Centro di Telerilevamento a Microonde / Microwave Remote Sensing Center

and supported by:

FRESh – Life project “Demonstrating Remote Sensing integration in sustainable forest management”