Premio Nazionale di Laurea “Eugenio Zilioli” – 16a Edizione (2020)

Per onorare la memoria del dott. Eugenio Zilioli, già responsabile della Sezione di Milano, il CNR-IREA bandisce un premio per una tesi di laurea sviluppata sui temi di pertinenza dell’Istituto.

Il premio per l’anno 2020 è di euro 2.000 (pari contributo di CNR-IREA e AIT) e riguarderà una tesi di Laurea Magistrale, conseguita dopo il 31 agosto 2019, relativa alle tematiche di Osservazione della Terra e in particolare alle tecniche di Telerilevamento passivo.

Le domande devono pervenire entro il 15 Settembre 2020.

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European Journal of Remote Sensing

European Journal of Remote Sensing

EuJRS: un eccellente risultato raggiunto!
L’Impact Factor dell’anno 2019 ha raggiunto 2.808


Online EO Summit and Copernicus Roadshow open to registration

The EO4GEO (WWW.EO4GEO.EU) EO Summit and the Copernicus Eyes on Earth Roadshow will take place online due to the pandemic, on 2-3 June.

The EO4GEO EO Summit brings together representatives of academic, business, NGO and public sector being involved in or having interest for Earth Observation and related areas. The goal is to look in a multidisciplinary manner at the future occupational profiles, necessary curricula, interconnections and tools in the Earth Observation domain with the special focus on user uptake of Copernicus programme. The summit will:

  • Connect real-world problems and work processes as starting point for
  • case-based learning scenario’s
  • Present how to design curricula based on the work processes modelled.
  • Demonstrate Body of Knowledge (BoK) for GI*EO and Curricula Design Tool
  • Provide view how could companies make use of BoK and tools:
  • Occupational Profile Tool and Job Offer Tool
  • Present scenario’s for learning actions
  • provide opportunity to attend sessions presenting EU agencies and
  • programs related to space and space technologies.



Il Politecnico di Torino ha messo online la seconda puntata della rubrica #laricercanonsiferma: Piero Boccardo, docente del DIST, spiega come le immagini satellitari siano utili per la produzione di cartografie di emergenza contro il #CoronavirusGuarda la puntata su IGTV Cliccando sull’immagine


New article published by Annals of Forest Science

Can we monitor coppice clearcuts from Satellite?

Monitoring forest clear cut is considered crucial to quantify and to mesure sustainible forest management Indicator.  The new research paper focus on the use of Landsat Time series data to quantify forest recovery rate of coppice clearcuts.
We used a refernce ground dataset of clearcut among a period fifteen yars (1999-2015) and we found that:

  • Coppice clearcuts can be study from satellite images analyzing the spectral trajectories derived by multitemporal satellite data;
  • The  Vegetation Index spectral trajectories analysis  can be use to detect the year of clearcut and the revovery rate of forests;
  • Clearcut areas in coppice forests have a very rapid post- harvest recovery (i.e. 2-4 years) comparing to the ones reported by other authors for boreal and continental forests (i.e. >10 years)
  • Thanks to the Canopy Height Model derived by Airborne Laser Scanner data we measured height increment of coppice forest that is approximattelly 1 meter per year in the first 10 years after the cut.

The full paper is available in Annals of Forest Science at this link


New article published by “Computers & Geosciences”: the R package “sen2r”

sen2r is an R package developed by the Institute of Remote Sensing of Environment (IREA) of the Italian National Research Council, with the aim to simplify and speed up several steps commonly needed to process Sentinel-2 data. Recently, an important recognition to the worth and usefulness of this tool came from the ISI journal Computers & Geosciences, publishing the scientific paper “sen2r”: An R toolbox for automatically downloading and preprocessing Sentinel-2 satellite data.

Up to the 14th of May 2020, it is possible to get free access to the manuscript at this link:

The paper provides an overview of the functionalities of the package, including the description of a use case in the framework of a Service-Oriented Architecture (further information can be found at this link).

sen2is released with license GNU GPL-3, so it can be freely accessed and modified by users. The complete reference to the article, here reported, is to be used in scientific works that exploit the package:

Ranghetti, M. Boschetti, F. Nutini, L. Busetto (2020). “sen2r: An R toolbox for automatically downloading and preprocessing Sentinel-2 satellite data”. Computers & Geosciences, 139, 104473. DOI: 10.1016/j.cageo.2020.104473, URL:

AIT2020 Notizie

AIT2020: Conference Postponed – The 10th AIT International Conference

COVID-19: in the light of the COVID-19 crisis, AIT with deep regret officially announces that the X AIT International Conference to be held in Cagliari, Italy, has been postponed to 2021.

Dear all,

we have not taken this decision lightly, but given recent developments and guidance from various national and international bodies, it is the only decision we felt we could take.

All submitted abstracts, if desired, will be considered for the next year.

We will update all the deadlines, as the general situation will be clear.

Sponsors and exhibitors are encouraged to maintain their involvement in the AIT Conference even though it is postponed by one year.

We would like to express our appreciation to all those who have committed countless hours to what promised to be an exciting AIT2020 Conference. This includes our colleagues with the members of our conference committee.

We wish you, your families and loved ones all the best for the months ahead and look forward to seeing you at the AIT 2021 Conference on our wonderful Island next year.


Maria Antonietta Dessena, Maria Teresa Melis

On behalf of the AIT President and all the Council.


Premio Nazionale di Laurea “Eugenio Zilioli” – 16a Edizione (2020)

Per onorare la memoria del dott. Eugenio Zilioli, già responsabile della Sezione di Milano, il CNR-IREA bandisce un premio per una tesi di laurea sviluppata sui temi di pertinenza dell’Istituto.

Le domande devono pervenire entro il 15 maggio 2020.

Il premio verrà assegnato nel corso della X Conferenza Internazionale AIT (30 giugno-2 luglio 2020, Cagliari), dove il vincitore verrà invitato a partecipare.

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Seminario “Earth system ensemble forecasting: managing climate impacts via increased preparedness” a cura di Gianpaolo Balsamo
Il seminario è un evento pubblico proposto nel quadro del master di secondo livello “Climate Change: adaptation and mitigation solutions”.
Il seminario si terrà in lingua inglese.

Al termine del seminario (18.30)

Inaugurazione ufficiale della mostra temporanea “Dalla Terra allo Spazio: osservazione e misurazione del nostro Pianeta”, allestita in collaborazione con l’Area Bibliotecaria e Museale del Politecnico di Torino (19 Febbraio – 30 aprile 2020)

Breve introduzione in Aula 10 e a seguire visita guidata con rappresentanti dell’Area Bibliotecaria e Museale, del DIATI e con il Dr. Mario Gomarasca, AIT & CNR-IREA.

La partecipazione è libera, consigliata la prenotazione:


Accordo con European Association of Remote Sensing Companies

Firma del memorandum tra AIT ed European Association of Remote Sensing Companies (EARSC)
Roma 12 dicembre 2019