AIT2020 Notizie

AIT2020: Conference Postponed – The 10th AIT International Conference

COVID-19: in the light of the COVID-19 crisis, AIT with deep regret officially announces that the X AIT International Conference to be held in Cagliari, Italy, has been postponed to 2021.

Dear all,

we have not taken this decision lightly, but given recent developments and guidance from various national and international bodies, it is the only decision we felt we could take.

All submitted abstracts, if desired, will be considered for the next year.

We will update all the deadlines, as the general situation will be clear.

Sponsors and exhibitors are encouraged to maintain their involvement in the AIT Conference even though it is postponed by one year.

We would like to express our appreciation to all those who have committed countless hours to what promised to be an exciting AIT2020 Conference. This includes our colleagues with the members of our conference committee.

We wish you, your families and loved ones all the best for the months ahead and look forward to seeing you at the AIT 2021 Conference on our wonderful Island next year.


Maria Antonietta Dessena, Maria Teresa Melis

On behalf of the AIT President and all the Council.


European Journal of Remote Sensing – IF 2018

L’Impact Factor 2018 di European Journal of Remote Sensing è aumentato a 1.904


Opportunità per posizioni di Post Doc presso la NASA

L’Accordo tra l’Agenzia Spaziale Italiana e la NASA sull’Osservazione della Terra: “Agreement between Italian Space Agency and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration for cooperation on earth observation research related to environmental monitoring and hazard/disaster management”, prevede la partecipazione di 7 candidati italiani/anno al programma “NASA Postdoctoral Program (NPP)”.


Elezione del presidente AIT

Nei giorni martedì 21 novembre 2018 e mercoledì 22 novembre 2018 si sono tenute le elezioni per il rinnovo della carica di Presidente dell’Associazione Italiana di Telerilevamento

Il risultato della votazione stabilisce che il nuovo presidente di AIT, in carica per il periodo 2019-2022, è Livio Rossi.


Risultati delle elezioni per il rinnovo delle cariche AIT

Sono pubblicati i RISULTATI delle elezioni dell’Associazione Italiana di Telerilevamento per il rinnovo :
a) del Consiglio Direttivo
b) del Collegio dei Revisori dei Conti
c) del Collegio dei Probiviri

Eventi Notizie

Ready to start!

Eventi Notizie

Detailed conference programme

Detailed programme of AIT2018 conference

Corsi Eventi Notizie

Reserve a place for the pre-conference LAStools free workshop by Martin Isenburg

In the morning of the 4th of July, before the official beginning of the AIT2018 conference, Martin Isenburg will guide attendees to a short course on LAStools, the most used software package for manipulating raw LiDAR point clouds… and many more!

Attendees are requested to bring their own Windows laptops. Software and data will be provided during the workshop. The course is free but reserved to registered AIT2018 participants. The number of places is limited, and we will use a “first arrived, first served” approach on the basis of the registration date. If you want to secure your place during the registration be sure to activate the option “LAStools course”.

Dr. Isenburg will start with short and lively introduction talk on LiDAR processing with examples of different projects such as the Canary Islands (Spain) where the vegetation-penetrating lasers uncovered elevation differences of up to 25 meters between the official government maps and reality, flood mapping in the Philippines, archaeological finds in Polish forests, and mapping biomass in Thailand, or other recent laser adventures. This is followed by a quick hands-on workshop during which attendees will perform the core steps of a LiDAR processing workflow on their own Windows laptops using the software and data provided. This workshop will touch upon parts of (1) LiDAR quality checking, (2) LiDAR preparation (tiling, classifying, cleaning), (3) LiDAR derivative creation (DTM/DSM/contours/CHM/…).

Martin Isenburg, PhD short bio:

Dr.  Isenburg received his MSc in 1999 from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada and his PhD in 2004 from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, USA – both in Computer Science. Currently, he is an independent scientist, lecturer, and research consultant. Dr. Isenburg has created a popular suite of LiDAR processing software modules called LAStools that is the flagship product of rapidlasso GmbH, the company he founded in 2012. The LAStools software suite has deep market penetration and is heavily used in industry, government agencies, research labs, and educational institutions. These highly efficient LiDAR processing tools are known for their high productivity. They combine robust algorithms with efficient I/O and clever memory management to achieve high throughput for data sets containing billions of points. See for more information.

AIT2018 Eventi Notizie

AIT 2018 – CALL FOR PAPERS – Deadline extended to the 13th of April

The deadline for submitting a contribution to AIT2018 is extended to the 13th of April.

More than 120 abstracts submitted already!



Aumenta l’IF dell’European Journal of Remote Sensing


La rivista dell’Associazione Italiana di Telerilevamento, l’European Journal of Remote

Sensing, raggiunge per il 2016 l’IF di 1.533 (rispetto a 1.173 del 2015).

Nel settore Remote Sensing, Clarivate analytics, subentrata a Thomson Reuters, ci pone alla posizione 20 su 29. Rientrando quindi per la prima volta nel terzo quartile.

Ringraziamo tutti gli Editor, gli Autori, Revisori e i lettori che hanno permesso di raggiungere questo brillante risultato!